Aagaard Island (Ogord, Остров Огорд), Franz Josef Land

Map: Aagaard Island at the low end, south of MacClintock Island.


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General, landscape: Small, flat Aagard Island is situated about 7 km off the southern shore of Opens internal link in current windowMacClintock Island , thus being one of the southernmost isles of the Franz Josef Land archipelago, just north of 80°N. With an area of about just. 3 km², the maximal extension is close to 2 km, with a maximal height of about 21 m above sea level. The island is free of glaciers, partly rocky, partly covered with moraine deposits or frost debries, sparse vegetation. A number of pairs of pomarine skuas (stercorarius parasiticus) breed on the island, in addition to a few other species.

History, name: Though the small island was within distant sight of the TEGETTHOFF expedition, it seems to have escaped notice then, with its low profile, snow-covered between the sea-ice pressures. Accordingly, it appears first time (still nameless) on the 1880 map of Benjamin Leigh-Smith, who was more lucky with navigable waters here, in that summer. The isle plays no further role in the history of the archipelago. The most apparent sign of civilisation on it is a simple russian wooden trigonometric point and navigation sign.
To my knowledge, the name appears first time added in handwriting to the island on a map of Baldwin (Wellman Expedition 1898/99, using a norwegian vessel and organising much of its logistics in northern Norway). Namesake candidates could be the norwegian international ship broker and whaling expert Bjarne Aagaard (1873-1956, successful already as a young man), or the norwegian business man Andreas Zacharias Aagaard (1847-1925) in Tromsø, who supported already the TEGETTHOFF expedition.


Aagaard Island from west, with the navigation mark on the left third of the island. Background, left: Cape Tegetthoff on Hall Island.
Aagaard Island from south, with MacClintock Island in the background.

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