Map: Franz-Josef-Land Region - Glacier Changes 1950s to 2000s

Maps and map sections used on this website are based on the map of the archipelago: "Franz-Josef-Land Region - Glacier Changes 1950s to 2000s" by Joanneum Research, edition 2008, produced under the leadership of Dr. Aleksey I. Sharov.
Apart from the general topography, this map shows also changes in ice thickness on land during the last 50 years. While there is a general trend of sinking ice thickness (these ice areas are marked with shades of light pink to red), there are also a number of areas with partly amazing gains in ice thickness - up to 80 m within 50 years (colored in shades from light to deep blue), even on very small ice caps like on Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen FensterKoettlitz Island.

To the right, you find the complete legend of this map, including impressum and rights.

The detail maps in the descriptions of the individual islands are sections of the complete map - the legend and the other references refer to these map sections, just as well. 

The majority of map sections has been supplemented by Andreas Umbreit with further geographic names, which are not included on the original Joanneum Research 2008 map edition.

Last Modification: 05.01.2010