Ommanney Island, Franz Josef Land

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General, landscape: The small Ommanney Island is found in the north of Franz Josef Land, at the northern end of the British Channel, northwest of  Opens internal link in current windowJackson Island. The island is fairly low (maximal height in its southern part: about 27 m above sea level), maximal extension, almost 3 km, maximal width about 1 km, and has a semicircular shape, with the opening to the northwest. In many places, the coastline has low cliffs, in which minor snowfields survive the summer melt, otherwise, the island is free of glaciers and has a sparse vegetation.

History: Ommanney Island was probably seen and recognized as an island first by Nansen and Johansen in late August 1895, just before they arrived paddling at their wintering site Opens internal link in current windowCape Norvegia (Jackson Island). Under the name Ommanney Island, it is put on the map first time by Jackson in 1897, using also Nansen´s informations.

Name: Erasmus Ommanney (1814-1904), british navy officer (latest: admiral) and arctic explorer, member of the Royal Geographic Society and the Royal Society, knighted for his merits in polar research. Most known for his discovery of the remains of the wintering base of Franklin on Beechey Island, northern Canada, during the 1850 Franklin Search Expedition.

Ommanney Island from South
Ommanney Island from East

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