Freeden (Fryeden) Island - Franz-Joseph-Land


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General: One of the northeasternmost smaller islands of the Franz-Josef-Land archipelago, to the southeast of Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen FensterEva-Liv and almost completely covered by an ice cap. Diameter maximally 8 km, highest elevation about 160 m on the ice cap.

History, name: The island was discovered on the northern sledge exploration tour from the TEGETTHOFF in spring 1874 under the leadership of Payer and put on their map as Freeden Island. In view of this spelling on the original map, some interpretations on the internet, claiming that the name is derived from "Frieden", the German word for peace, lack historic substance but have been seemingly copied nevertheless from one webside to the next. In general, the names given by the TEGETTHOFF expedition, referred mostly to persons connected to the expedition including supporters, and a few names refer to geographic places elsewhere, but no abstract words. In reality, the island is named after the German mathematician Wilhelm von Freeden, founder of the Norddeutsche Seewarte (an institution dealing with marine cartography and education) and co-founder of the Norddeutscher Polarverein, a society promoting German polar research.
In the history of the archipelago, Freeden Island plays no further significant role.

Tourism: Being almost completely glaciated, Freeden Island is normally not visited by tourists. In June 2007, the island was used by  Børge Ousland and Thomas Ulrich for a stopover of some days during their 1300 km tour on the tracks of Nansen and Johansen from the North Pole to Cape Flora.

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