Bruce Island (Ostrow Bruce, Остров Брюса) - Franz Josef Land

Map: location of Bruce Island



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General, landscape:  Bruce Island is located in southwest Franz Josef Land, separated from westerly Opens internal link in current windowGeorge Land by the Nightingale Sound, from southwestern Opens internal link in current windowMabel Island by the 4 km wide Bates Channel and from Opens internal link in current windowNorthbrook Insel somewhat further east by Miers Channel. Its area is about  190 km², almost completely hidden under a single ice cap, reaching up to 300 m above sea level. Only a few rock cliffs reach out of the ice above some coastlines, especially at the southern end and on the west side, with up to 100 m steep rock slopes down to the shore, the lower part of which is mostly hidden under ice again, so there is hardly any icefree shoreline.
Close-by small isles: East of the southern end (Cape Erminii Gdanko) of Bruce Island, ice-free rocky Windward Island is located at a distance of about 1.5 km, with a length of about 2 km and a maximal height of 82 m. And further north, there is the tiny Tom Island.

History, names: The south and west side of Bruce Island was discovered by the british expedition of Benjamin Leigh-Smith in 1880, who marked the island vaguely on his map, naming it after Henry Bruce (President of the Royal Geographical Society) while he called the narrow strait separating Bruce from neighbouring Mabel Island Bates Channel. A more precise mapping was done in spring 1895 by the Jackson-Harmsworth Expedition, which discovered also the small Windward Island, naming it after Jackson´s expedition vessel.
The capes of Bruce Island were named only in the Soviet period: Cape Storogeva to the west with its more than 100 m high cliff edge, Cape Pinegin (named after a russian polar explorer) to the east and lower Cape Erminii Gdanko in the south.


Southwest of Bruce Island, seen from northwest, Cape Erminii Gdanko to the right.
Northern end of Bruce Island from West.
Bruce Island from south, windward Island to the right.

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