Franz-Josef-Land: The islands

The complete archipelago of Franz-Josef-Land
comprises about 190 islands and skerries, of which the bigger ones will be gradually included and presented here on the webside. Most islands are widely glaciated and uninhabitated, but some offer special attractions (scenery, wildlife, historic sites).

On internet, there are so far only few systematic sources of information about the archipelago, and in surprisingly many cases, including even Wikipedia, parts of the facts are published wrong in one place, and then copied without check to other sites.
This part of this website is the attempt to offer a systematic source of information about the main islands, including pictures, and at the same time to correct some of the wrong facts one comes across repeatedly on other sites, for instance regarding history of discovery and names. As nobody is perfect: if you should discover mistakes here, as well, I would be pleased about a tip !

Some statistic data are particularly problematic in Franz-Josef-Land: many highest elevations above sea levels are the tops of ice caps, which change, and also the area of most islands changes constantly, as it includes also the glaciers terminating into the sea, where the fronts change their outlines. Accordingly, precise statements about elevations and sizes would be of limited use.

Attention - the following map may need some loading time due to its size.

You can click on the islands either on the map or - alphabetically sorted - in the main menue on the left side of the page.

As this part is still under construction, some islands are not yet included (then, a click on the map leads to no result, and the island is not yet listed in the left menue). Some islands may be available already, but not yet in English (but at least the illustrations, if included, can be studied).


FJL imagemap names attractions Alger Karte Bliss Bromwich Pritchett Brice Nansen Koettlitz Hooker George Alexander Arthur Bell Mabel Northbrook Bruce Eaton Scott-Kelty Society Leigh Smith Brady McKlintok Hall Newcomb Victoria Lamont Lütke Wilczek I Salm Bergkauz Hochstetter Koldewey Komsomolez Wilczek L Hayes Graham-Bell Champ Luigi Salisbury Ziegler Wiener-Neustadt Coal Mine I Greely Kane Kuhn Apollonov Sto Payer Jackson Becker La Ronciere Hoffmann Rainer Karl-Alexander Ommaney Harley Hohenlohe Freeden Eva-Liv Rudolf

This map is based on: "Franz-Josef-Land Region: Glacier Changes 1950s-2000s", Joanneum Research, 2008, A. I. Sharov, et. al..
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