Society Island - Franz-Josef-Land

General: Small island in the Young Sound south of the center of Franz-Josef-Land, between Hooker Island and Leigh Smith Island. Maximal length ca. 6 km. The island consists of a larger tabular mountain in its north and a small mountain in the south, connected by a low land bridge. Maximal heights about 200 m. The plateau tops are free of ice, but there are a few small glaciers in depressions in the mountain slopes.

History, name: The island was mapped by the Jackson-Harmsworth expedition (1894-97) and is named after the British Royal Geographic Society. It played no significant role in the history of the archipelago.






Society Island from east. to the very left at the picture margin the steep cliff of Leigh Smith Island, partly covered by it the small plateau of Society Island, then the low landbridge and the big plateau mountain.
Society Insel from west, behind it: Leigh Smith Island. Its bigger, northern plateau stretches over most of the width of the picture, to the right the small mountain, partly covered.

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