Becker Island - Franz Josef Land


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General, landscape: Becker Island stretches for about 15 km in east-westerly direction, with a maximal width of almost 4 kilometres, thus being one of the smaller islands of the archipelago, and is divided into two different parts: the longer western area is covered practically completely by a stretched low gentle ice cap (max. height almost 70m above sea level), terminating almost everywhere right into the sea with a low ice cliff. The eastern part in contrast is mostly free of ice, with gently rising coastal areas to the North and south, while a spine-like low ridge forms its center and, after reaching a maximal height of about 165 m, falls down to the sea at the eastern end in a steeper slope.
Due to its location in the northeast of Franz-Josef-Land, Becker Island is among those areas longer surrounded by drift ice in summers.

Becker Island was discovered and named during the sledge advance of Payer from the TEGETTHOFF in spring 1874. It is not connected to any further special events in the history of the archipelago, and is hardly ever visited.




The gently rounded ice cap of Becker Island, seen from southsouthwest.
Eastern Becker Island, with its long central ridge, seen from SSW.

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