Newcomb (Niucomba) Island - Franz-Josef-Land

Small, very low and icefree island in Markham Sound between > Champ Island, > Alger Island and Cape Wiggins on > Hall Island. Maximal extension 5 km, maximal height 67 m. Out of its lowlands with scanty vegetation, a few isolated magmatic rock formations rise abruptly, comparable to the magmatic dykes on > Hayes Island . Between Newcomb and Cape Wiggins, the sea is mostly very shallow.

Name: Named after Raymond Lee Newcomb, leader of the 1882-84 search expedition for the missing Jeanette Expedition. On the Fiala-Ziegler (1903-05) expedition map, the island is named North Island.









Newcomb Island from northwest.
Newcomb Island from westsouthwest.

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