Koettlitz (Ketlitsa) Insel - Franz-Josef-Land


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General, landscape: Koettlitz Island is situated inside the archipelago on the east side of the British Channel and has a very oblong shape with a length of about 20 km in north-south direction. The shores are mostly gently rising, or with a low cliff. Contrary to its neighbours (Hooker Island to the south, Nansen Island to the East), Koettlitz is mostly low (hardly above 20 m above sea level) in the North (highest elevation here 52m), where it is mostly free of ice. The southern part is covered by an ice cap, rising up to 158 m above sea level. Though this ice cap has a maximal width of only about 6 km, it seems to have grown in height in its central parts by about 50 m during the last 5 decades (Dr. A. I. Sharov et al., 2008).

History, names: The island was discovered and mapped by the Jackson-Harmsworth expedition (1894-97), which named it after its member, Dr. Reginald Koettlitz.
Jackson named the northernmost tip of the island originally Arthur´s Point (now Cape Polyarnogo Siyaniya), while today, the northwesternmost promontory of neighbouring Nansen Island is Cape Arthur (Jackson´s name there: Cape Polar Gleams).
The direct transscription of today´s russian name for the southernmost tip would be Cape Gujs. Jackson´s map shows no name here, but interestingly, he called the close-by southwesternmost point of neighbouring Nansen Island "Guy´s Head", which today is Cape Ushakov - maybe this name of Jackson has been moved to the southernmost point of Koettlitz Island during Soviet times.
Koettlitz Island is hardly ever visited. One of the last group were some austrian-russian glaciologists in 2008, who scaled the ice cap for control measurements regarding the surprising gain in thickness of this fairly small glacier over the last decades.


Pictures of Koettlitz Island:


Southern tip of Koettlitz Island from southwest
Southern part of the island and the icecap from west
Mid part of Koettlitz Island from west
Northern part of Koettlitz Island from southwest
Northern end of Koettlitz Island from southeast
Southern part of Koettlitz Island from east
Southernmost promontory of Koettlitz Island from east
Southern end of Koettlitz Island, from south

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