Berghaus (Bergkhauz) Island - Franz-Josef-Land

Map with Berghaus Island southwest of Cape Frankfurt
View past Cape Frankfurt onto the small Berghaus Island (left side of picture)


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Small island, rising steeply on all sides from the waters just southwest of Cape Frankfurt (east side of Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen FensterHall Island), about 1 km in diameter and up to 372 m high. The island was discovered already by the Payer-Weyprecht Expedition 1873/74, named after the German geographer and cartographer Heinrich Berghaus, a colleague to August Petermann.
Different spelling: sometimes, the name is written Bergkhauz or Bergkauz (which would be in German a "mountain screech owl"), due to non-historic direct retranscription from Russian maps (Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen FensterName confusions).

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