Nansen Island - Franz-Josef-Land

The four minor islands Bliss, Brice (Braysa), Bromwich (Bromidzh) and Pritchett are situated closely together with the slightly bigger Nansen Island in the interior of the archipelago, separated from the other islands by the wider sounds: British Channel, Markham Sound and Young Sound. The islands offer no specific attractions, except of nice scenery: rising mostly steeply from the sea (highest elevations around 400 m) with a varied mountain and glacier landscape, which gains dramacy by the partly narrow sounds between the islands.
Within these, winter ice often lasts long, and drift ice also can be stuck in there.

Due to double transscription (see Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fensternames confusion), some of the island names show widely differing variations - the most striking alternative spellings are added further up in brackets.




Coastal scenic views of Nansen island:

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Southwest of Nansen Island, to the left partly hidden by icecap of Koettlitz Island.
South coasts of Nansen, Pritchett and Bliss Island from west.
South coasts of Nansen (left), Pritchett and Bliss Island

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