Arthur (Artura) Island - Franz-Josef-Land


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General: Northernmost island in the western part of Franz-Josef-Land, situated on the 81th northern parallel at a distance of about 10 km from the northern shore of Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen FensterPrince George Land.
The biggest part of the low island with an area of about 110 km² is covered by the Leningradskiy Ice Cap, with a maximal height of about 270 m above sea level. Only to the north and south are some ice-free parts, plus some narrow coastal stretches on the west side.

History: The official first sighting of the island happened during the final major sledge exploration tour of the Jackson-Harmsworth Expedition in spring 1897, which however stayed on Prince George Land and put the island only vaguely onto its map - plus some even more northern islands (Harmsworth Island, Albert Edward Island), which lateron were proved to have been phantoms.
The name commemorates Arthur Montefiore Brice, secretary of the Jackson-Harmsworth Expedition.
A more detailed exploration of the island happened only during the Soviet period.

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