Dear friends of Franz-Josef-Land,

This website is a personal project by me as a big friend of the Russian Arctic, as expedition leader of a number of voyages to Franz-Josef-Land and other regions of the Russian Arctic, and as author of the Guide to Spitsbergen, which includes also Franz-Josef-Land and Jan Mayen in extra sections.

Remarks about the website: here, you can get in contact with me, if you have remarks about this website. I am especially pleased about tips, corrections and further pictures - or even bigger contributions. 

Tours to Franz-Josef-Land, led by me: you can get in touch with me also about this topic via this website. I like to get feedbacks from participants of the various Franz-Josef-Land voyages, which I have led so far.

For questions regarding tour bookings, etc., Für Fragen zu Buchungen etc. I ask you to click in the main menue to the left on "Travel Franz-Josef-Land" and then contact the tour operators, which have a link under some of the tours listed there, and who support this website as a source of useful information also for their customers, and for everybody seeking information about the archipelago in general. 

Tourism companies and other companies and sponsors, who want to support this website and its concept, are welcome to contact me, too. I am also open to discussions about possible joint future projects.



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For booking requests and questions regarding specific tours, please contact the relevant tour operator - see links on subpage Travel Franz-Josef-Land.

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