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Legal aspects:
Spitsbergen/Svalbard is a part of Norway, but with a special legal status, based on the international Spitsbergen Treaty. For instance, the archipelago is - contrary to mainland Norway - not part of the European Economic Zone and therefore, EU regulations valid for Norway do not automatically apply for Spitsbergen. Contrary to the Norwegian mainland, Spitsbergen is not part of the Schengen agreement, which makes it necessary to have a valid passport for all travel between Spitsbergen and mainland Norway - even for Norwegian citizens.

Though trying to check contents of external links, I do not take responsibility for such contents. Solely responsible for the content of linked other websides are their owners.

Violation of third party rights or laws and regulations:
Should content or design of this website violate third parties rights or laws or regulations, I ask for a notification free of charge from you. I guarantee that justly criticised parts will be removed immediately, without a need on your side to involve legal assistance. If costs are caused by you by taking steps against me in such a case nevertheless without getting in contact with me before, I will refuse such claims fully, possibly taking legal steps from my side because of violation of the above defined regulation.

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This webside collects traffic data for analysis and optimising of our webside. This includes partly also the use of cookies, also collecting and storing pseudonymized data. No such data will be used for identifying and profiling actual users. 

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